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The health care system can be confusing. We want to help you get what you need to live a healthy life. We can help you with finding a doctor to asking the right questions about your care.

Pay for Health Care

Do not let costs stop you from getting care. We want to help you learn about your insurance options. And if you cannot get insurance, learn where you can get care you can afford.

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Getting an appointment is only the first step. We will help you learn how to prepare for your appointment and what to do while you are there, so you get the care you need.

About Us

Our Healthy Alliance was created in 2021. We are a group of Northwest Arkansas community organizations and health care providers (such as health care clinics, doctors and nurses). Our purpose is to connect those who live in Northwest Arkansas to health care services, information and resources.

Organizations that are part of Our Healthy Alliance are:

Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese logo
Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese (ACOM)

Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese aims to ensure the Marshallese community thrives through leadership, support and education that meets their cultural needs.

Arkansas Immigrant Defense logo
Arkansas Immigrant Defense (AID)

Arkansas Immigrant Defense promotes justice by defending and improving the rights of immigrants and refugees. AID serves English- and Spanish-speakers with legal services, help applying for assistance programs (such as Medicaid) and counseling.

Benton County Government logo
Benton County Government

Benton County Government serves nearly 300,000 people in their county. They provide services to help make Benton County a healthy, safe and positive environment for everyone.

Community Clinic Logo
Community Clinic

Community Clinic provides health and dental services. They serve all who speak English, Spanish and Marshallese. They accept all health insurances. If you do not have insurance, they offer fees based on how much you can pay. They can also help you sign up for ARKids First and Medicaid.

Marshallese Educational Initiative logo
Marshallese Educational Initiative (MEI)

MEI provides comprehensive services to the Marshallese community, promotes historical and cultural awareness, including the ongoing impact of the nuclear legacy and climate change, and facilitates intercultural dialogue.

Northwest Arkansas Council logo
Northwest Arkansas Council

The Northwest Arkansas Council is a private, nonprofit organization working on long-term development in the region. One of their main goals is to improve health care access.

Univision logo
Univision Arkansas

Univision Arkansas is a Spanish-language television station that provides news, entertainment and resources to populations in Northwest Arkansas. Univision Arkansas works with Our Healthy Alliance to create health-related content that is relevant and important to Northwest Arkansas communities.

UAMS logo
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

The Community Health and Research team at the UAMS Northwest Regional Campus is working to improve health outcomes for all. Through their research and programs, they want to create an environment where everyone can achieve their best health.

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